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Earthwatcher projects cover a range of environmental issues, with different sorts of activities. We add projects and new activities throughout the year, so there's always something to get stuck into!

Birds RiverWatch: Plastic Pollution

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The vast majority of plastics that end up in the world’s oceans are carried there by rivers. But we have very little scientific data about plastic pollution in freshwater environments.

In this project we will ask you to choose a location near a river, stream, canal or estuary and then count and categorise the litter you find. The data you submit will help to fill the gaps that currently exist so that we can better understand which types of plastic are most common, where they come from and where the hotspots are.

BirdsAll Year round

Birds30-40 minutes

Birds Your Household Footprint

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Our Household Footprint tracker gives you the opportunity to track up to three different household activities that contribute to our carbon footprints: travel, recycling and heating.

The data you give us over a period of time will help us determine what trends are emerging, and how to maintain any positive environmental aspects that were indirectly caused by the Covid-19 lockdowns.

BirdsAll Year Round

Birds5-15 Minutes Weekly

Birds Tree Tracking

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Your data from Tree Tracking will provide key information to help us understand how trees can create a more resilient environment in the face of flooding, air pollution and climate change.

Tree Tracking is an ongoing project where you will monitor a tree, or set of trees, over a period of time. We will ask you to make observations of seasonal changes, carry out sampling and take measurements to help us build a dataset on trees in different environments.

BirdsAll year round

Birds15-20 minutes

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