Raise money for Earthwatchers to help us overcome some of the biggest environmental challenges of our time.

We’re working to push the boundaries with Earthwatchers, including the way that science is funded.

Rather than just relying on research grants that are limited in time and scope, we want to make sure our projects can delve deeper and respond to environmental issues as they arise.

As well as spending time taking surveys and submitting data about the environment around them, we also ask some of our Earthwatchers to fundraise for their projects. Getting sponsorship for sporting events is something that most of us are familiar with. And if you can fundraise for an event that increases your physical stamina, why not fundraise for something that increases your mental stamina, too? What’s more, the data these projects yield can expand knowledge around the world - who wouldn’t want to get behind that?

Fundraising for Earthwatchers is easy - simply choose from one of our Earthwatchers projects below, click the ‘Fundraise’ button, and you’ll be taken to a JustGiving page where you can sign up and lend your support.

Free Earthwatchers goodies when you fundraise for us

Your fundraising efforts will enable us to grow the Earthwatchers, developing new projects, analysing more data and reaching more people. So to say thank you, we’re offering the following goodies to all our fundraisers:

We’ll send you a free Earthwatchers notebook

Raise £75

We’ll send you a free Earthwatchers t-shirt

Raise £100

We’ll send you a free Earthwatchers water bottle

Raise £150

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