We’re still seeking funding to help us get Earthwatchers past this pilot stage, so we’re not currently analysing new data or developing new projects. However, we hope to get things back up and running soon, and we’ll let you know as soon as that happens. In the meantime, you can still take part for your own enjoyment, or donate to help Earthwatch’s environmental science!

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Climate change. Biodiversity loss. Air and water pollution. The world is facing some enormous challenges. But we can’t solve them until we understand more about them, and what solutions will be most effective.

Earthwatchers are volunteers who take part in scientific research projects to fill knowledge gaps that will help the environment. The information you gather will help us understand where action needs to be taken, and what action will have the greatest impact.

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Current Projects

Read more about the different projects that are available on Earthwatchers at the moment - we add new projects every few months, so there’s always something to get stuck into.

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